Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants


Our Approach

Each client is a centre point, whether we have been asked to advise on a specific problem or to look after tax or accounts matters as an ongoing responsibility. We like to think widely on behalf of every client, so our advice is given with regard to their own special circumstances and ultimate aims.

We constantly update our technical knowledge, our goal being that the latest tax legislation and its interpretation should always be used when formulating our solutions. 

We pride ourselves on confidentiality, to the extent that we do not disclose the identity of clients – we even forego the oft found website ‘recommendations’ section, to protect everyone’s privacy.  All clients have a right not to be used by us, we are here to fulfil our responsibilities to them.

We are flexible on location for meetings, where they are preferred to distance communications. We can visit our clients or we have office centres in South Devon (near Totnes), South Wiltshire (Salisbury area) or meeting rooms in London. 

We are open about costs and will be pleased to offer fixed or time basis fees.  Free introductory sessions are of course available.

We are happy to receive all enquiries, whether for major and complex issues or for relatively simple needs. Just get in touch, everyone will find a good welcome from us.


Our advice is given with regard to your own special circumstances